Sailors and Whores

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A Dance Performance, running time: 2 h, prime December 18, 2012
Last performed December 2, 2017
The dances break out spontaneously, borne out of simple everyday movements: here is a woman convincing a man, there is a man playing a fiddle… Still, dancing is not obligatory. You can simply sit around, remembering your past loves or thinking of the future one, remembering and laughing your head off, scalding yourself with hot tea. A dance is something inherent, a special method of structuring your soul.

Music by Johann Strauss, George Frideric Handel, Henry Purcell, Georges Bizet, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi and compositions by Salty Dick, Amiina, Django Reinhardt, Tosca Tango Orchestra, Auktsyon and Yablochko
“Sailors and Whores” is one of those rare performances that force you to feel instead of think. It forces you to be silent, but express a lot. To speak of important things without saying a single word.
Olga Abakumova,

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