White Nights

Text redacted by the theatre, running time: 1 h 40 m, prime May 8, 2003
Last performed July 20, 2018
Lace-like tenderness, light improvisation, warm and intimate atmosphere, and ironic sentimentality — all of these characteristics, considered the “signature Workshop style,” can be found in this stage production by Pyotr Fomenko’s student, director Nikolai Druchek.
Turns out that this straightforward story can be told in a lively and light manner, with lots of humour, transforming it into an exciting performance, where life is mixed in with play, and the actors don’t treat their characters too seriously, although they obviously sympathize them. […]
Nikolai Druchek doesn’t force the young actors to perform a real story. He attempts to bring to life the dream, the fantasy, the reverie of the Dreamer, for whom these dreams are the only place to be free.
Irina Alpatova, Culture

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