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A theatrical narrative of the novel in three parts, running time: 5 h 50 m, prime February 1, 2009
Last performed February 2, 2019
Action takes place on June, 16, 1904, in Dublin

One day in the life of an advertising agent by the name of Leopold Bloom encompasses a funeral and a brothel, an editorial office of a newspaper and a Shakespearean dispute, a booze session with Irish patriots and a scuffle with the policemen… The Fomenko Workshop has taken the most unusual and difficult novel of the 20th century and decomposed it into separate voices, threading them through the delicate revolving stage sets, painting with bright theatrical strokes.

  • Prizes
  • Nominee of the Golden Mask Prize in the “Drama/Best Large Scale Production” category, 2010
  • Evgeny Kamenkovich was nominated for the Golden Mask Prize in the “Drama/Best Director” category, 2010
  • Polina Kutepova was awarded the Golden Mask Prize in the “Drama/Best Actress” category for the role of Molly Bloom, 2010
Evgeny Kamenkovich’s “Ulysses” is completely wonderful, like a true child of love. It draws you in, charms you, and leaves you with an aftertaste that you don’t want to let go.
Alena Danilova, Theatergoer
First, it should be said that this is a real achievement by the director Evgeny Kamenkovich and the theater’s actors. The longest and the most mysterious novel of the 20th century, James Joyce’s Ulysses, is presented on stage practically in full.
Many agree that it’s an achievement, but the most stern critics keep asking: “What was it done for? What was the objective?”
…one of the objectives, which seems to be the principal one for Kamenkovich, seems clear enough. The objective is to introduce the audience to the novel of the century, to show that there’s nothing out of reach, you just have to relax, let yourself be drawn into the mesmerizing flow of words, sounds and images, that will, in the end, definitely make sense.
Marina Zaionts, Itogi

Characters and Cast

Plus: The Clock, Newspapermen, The Boy, The Boatman, Scrubwoman, The Deaf Pat, Bikers, The Invalid, The Procuress, Seagulls, Soap, Kisses, Dames, Babies and Crawlers, Police, Cloistresses, Rugby Player, Salesmen, Electorate. And Milly, Bloom’s daughter (doesn’t appear on stage).


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