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Running time: 3 h, prime September 29, 2014
Last performed April 17, 2019
  • Author — Olga Mukhina
  • Director — Yevgeny Tsyganov
  • Stage Design — Vladimir Maximov, Yegor Fedorichev
  • Designer — Alexandra Dashevskaya
  • Lighting Design — Stepan Sinitsyn, Vladislav Frolov
  • Costume Design — Anna Belan
  • Choreographer — Oleg Glushkov
  • Stage Manager — Yulia Verzunova
  • Musical Setting — Denis Zabiyaka
  • Arrangement — Dmitry Zakharov
  • Video — Yekaterina Burlakova
  • Musicians — Pavel Barshak, Ivan Vakulenko, Irakly Dalidze, Dmitry Zakharov, Alina Maslennikova, Tatyana Maslennikova, Yevgeny Tsyganov, Mikhail Yatskov
  • Mapping — Roman Krylov
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The play’s stage director Evgeny Tsyganov is almost a contemporary to its protagonists, a person from the generation that survived the “lawless” 1990s, the easy money, the stunning freedom, and the drug-filled dreams of the 2000s. Some people broke their neck. Some people broke somebody else’s life. But some people managed to stand firmly on their feet. “Everyone has his own way,” sings the show’s protagonist.
This play is probably the first attempt at the dramatic interpretation of our history of the last fourty years, a “short course” from the Brezhnev and Olympics years of the 1970s and early 1980s to our days. And this interpretation is surprisingly pathos-, politics- and ideology-free. Everything that we see and hear on stage for more than three hours is very personal… This stage play is incredibly engaging because it hits all the common pressure points.
Marina Murzina, Argumenty i Fakty

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