Come in, come in
Old Stage, Gray Hall

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Several topics from the novel “As a Few Days” presented in four meals, running time: 1 h 30 m, prime July 15, 2012
Ticket price range 1000—10000 rub.
  • Author — Meir Shalev
  • Idea — Vladimir Toptsov
  • Director — Yury Butorin
  • Designer — Vladimir Maximov
  • Lighting Design — Vladislav Frolov
  • Video Designer — Yulia Mikheeva
  • Translation — Alla Furman, Rafail Nudelman
  • ''Ornithological tango'' — Denis Zabiyaka, Nikolai Orlovsky, Yury Butorin
  • Stage Manager — Olga Lopach
  • Text Adaptation and Musical Setting — Vladimir Toptsov , Nikolai Orlovsky, Yury Butorin, Maria Kozyar
  • Editor — Maria Kozyar
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June, 25, 19:00

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July, 27, 19:00

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Full of exquisite lyricism and Jewish humour, both sad and cheerful, this is a story of a father and a son, of loneliness and guilt, of long-standing questions with no answers. The time collapses into a tightly-wound coil — the protagonists can cut the vegetables while the tango plays, or tell their whole lifestory while the soup boils on the stove.
The theater has found its new playright in the person of Israeli writer Meir Shalev. Speaking of the novel, which gave birth to the stage play, a critic once said: “… It tells us that death doesn’t overcome love, and love doesn’t overcome death, but instead they stand there, staring each other down, while we go on living, too busy to take notice.” The novel, known as “The Loves of Judith“ or „The Four Meals”, has a great number of characters, whose fates become entwined. The theater chose just one of the book’s storylines and presented it as “four meals.” The handbill reminds the audience that a meal is not some on-the-go snack, but a real dinner accompanied by philosophical conversation. “Come in, come in”, directed by Yuri Butorin is four invitations to the conversation wrapped in one.
Maria Sedykh, Itogi

Characters and Cast

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  • June 25
  • July 27

Music employed in the performance: “Ornithological Tango”, The Israeli national anthem performed by the United States Navy Band; “The House Of The Rising Sun” and “Crying” by The Animals, also “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” sung by Judy Garland (1939) and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (1993).


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