He Was a Titular Counsellor
Old Stage, Gray Hall

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After the short story by Nikolai Gogol “Diary of a Madman”, running time: 1 h 40 m, prime September 11, 2004
Ticket price range 1000—10000 rub.
  • Positioning of Scenes — Pyotr Fomenko
  • Scenery — Stanislav Morozov
  • Costumes — Maria Danilova
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This one-man show is a story of a small man with big ambitions, which begins in a rented room in St. Petersburg and ends in a psychiatric asylum. At the beginning, the story is good-natured, somewhat ironic and a little bit lyrical, but gradually the play’s tone becomes deep and grim, as we watch a human mind slowly expire.
Anatoly Goryachev is both subtle and expressive. He gives a detailed and very convincing performance, portraying all stages of his character’s madness — from the paranoid melancholia to fits of temper. A piece of red satin, a heap of straw, and a bucket with knocked-out bottom, which substitute for the mantle, wig and crown of the Spanish king — these very Fomenko-like, simple but expressive theatrical methods have been mastered by Goryachev well. The tragedy of Poprishchin, as presented by Goryachev, is a tragedy of a small man with big ambitions. But it is also a tragedy of the demiurge, creating his very own, albeit a small one, universe.
Marina Davydova, Izvestia

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