Kirill Pirogov

Distinguished Artist of Russia
Kirill was born in Tehran, Iran. As a child, he took classes at the theater studio supervised by S. Kazarnovsky, and graduated from a musical school. Completed his studies at the Shchukin Theater School (course taught by V. Ivanov) in 1994. In 1993, played the role of Quentin at Fomenko Workshop’s “The Sound and the Fury” production directed by Sergei Zhenovach.

Kirill was the first actor of Fomenko Workshop Theater who came to the theater “from the outside,” without studying with Pyotr Fomenko at the Russian Theater Academy.

Kirill is a popular film actor. He became widely known to the public after his parts in Georgy Danelia’s «Heads and Tails» film (1995) and the principal Russian blockbuster of 2000, Alexei Balabanov’s «Brother 2». He has composed musical scores to several Russian films.

  • Awards
  • Nika-95 Prize for the Best Film Debut for the “Heads and Tails” film, 1995
  • Movie critics’ diploma for the Best Debut of 1995
  • Movie Critics Award for the Best Acting Debut at Gatchina Film Festival, for the “Heads and Tails” film, 1996
  • Best Actor Prize at the Spolokhi Fourth Festival of Television Films, 2003
  • Laureate of Chaika Theater Prize in the “Synchronized swimming” category for the cast of “Three Sisters” production, 2004
  • Laureate of the Youth Triumph Prize, 2004
  • Laureate of Chaika Theater Prize in the “Main protagonist” category for the role of Berange in “Rhinoceros” production, 2006
  • Nominated as the best composer for his music to “Piter FM” movie for the Russian National Film Prize Golden Eagle-2006, national prize of the Russian film critics White Elephant-2007, and Nika-2007 Film Prize
  • Moscow Prize in the sphere of literature and art in the “Theater arts” nomination for his role in “Three Sisters” production, 2007
  • Golden Knight Festival prize in “Theater / Large Scale Production” and “Best Actor” nominations for his work in “Rhinoceros” production, 2008
  • Laureate of the Stanislavsky Award in the “Stagecraft” (“Best Actor”) nomination, 2009
  • Theater prize of Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper for Best Supporting Actor for his roles in the “Triptych” production, 2010
  • Commemorative medal of Moscow Art Theater issued in honour of 150th anniversary of Chekhov and given to the prominent artists and actors for their personal contribution to development of arts, 2010
  • Best Actor Prize named after Mikhail Ulyanov at the 10th Moscow Festival of Russian Film “Moscow Premiere” for his portrayal of Chekhov in “The Admirer” film, 2012
  • Crystal Turandot Prize as Best Actor and author of “A Theatrical Novel” stage productiom, 2012
  • Theater prize of Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper for the graduation play “Kitchen” of the Shchukin Theater School, 2014
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